Grand reception

Medium rare beef tenderloin on grilled crostini with horseradish mustard,

topped with caramelized onion

Juniper and allspice brined lamb lollypops with mint and caper gremolata

Rice paper rolls with duck breast, sautéed napa and shallots, cucumber and hoisin sauce

Tarragon crab salad in choux pastry

Rosemary polenta bites topped with roasted tomato, gorgonzola, and pine nuts

Creamy Alabama goat cheese with fig and toasted walnuts, in an endive spear

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with cucumber and basil, topped with toasted panko brushed

with Spanish olive oil

Mini meringues with chocolate and lemon fillings

Mini banana pudding cups

Butterscotch bites with lemon salt garnish